Executive & Management Coaching

For both experienced and newly promoted leaders & managers in all sectors including small businesses.

Career Coaching

For people at all stages of their career from college/university through to retirement.

Life Coaching

For people who wish to improve or make changes in particular aspects of their life eg family, relationships, finances, weight loss and phobia cure.

I can work with you (or your people if you represent a business) on a 1:1 basis or in workshops to help you get the very best out of your career and your life:

Recognise your unique talents and abilities
Get a clear view of what motivates and drives you
Understand your own worth
Target the work or business opportunity that is the best fit for you
Achieve success in interviews and assessments
Continue to develop yourself through learning and experience
Set clear and specific goals
Hold you accountable to your associated personal action plan
Provide you with personalised tools and techniques for success
Overcome the blocks and obstacles to your confidence and success
Help you maximize your performance or step up into a new role

My Vision

Life can be a joy, and of course it can also bring challenges! I know you are reading this because you want to make a difference – in your own life, and in that of others.

If, like me, you’ve already been on the receiving end of some great coaching you’ll know how valuable it is. Put simply, my vision is to bring good quality life and career coaching to as many people as possible.

My mission is:

  • To provide inspirational and useful coaching to people who are at a transition point in their life or career – helping them to make good, conscious, informed decisions regarding their next steps.
  • To help line managers and leaders grow their coaching skills and abilities, so that they can use these in the workplace to engage and motivate their people to perform at their very best.
  • To help young people and those in non-management roles to develop strategies, techniques and methods to plan and achieve their life and career goals.

My Strategy

My strategy is to bring about sustainable coaching, and by that I mean that I aim to leave the people I coach with life & career strategies, tools and techniques that they can use at any time, in any aspect of their lives.

I will support and challenge my coaching clients, over time, and with appropriate experience, to share these newfound skills, strategies and techniques with others.

About Lisa