Coaching Programmes

For both experienced and newly promoted leaders & managers in all sectors including small businesses.

Career Coaching

For people at all stages of their career from college/university through to retirement.

1:1 Coaching

For people who wish to improve or make changes in particular aspects of their life eg family, relationships, finances, weight loss and phobia cure.

“Lisa has helped me understand my motivations and values, which has then been applied to working out my goals, facilitating the development of plans to achieve these longer term objectives. I have become more resilient in the corporate workplace; which has a direct, positive ‘knock-on’ effect to other aspects of my life. “

“Work life has been so much more enjoyable since my coaching sessions; you made evaluate what is important and what I could take control of. My working relationship with my manager has also improved.”

“Lisa is one of those people who you immediately warm to and is a pleasure to work with. Lisa cares deeply about helping people and well structured in her planning and attention to detail. I highly recommend her.”

“Her commitment to understanding our business priorities as well as our employee needs have been invaluable and she has been a true partner in supporting our strategy.”

“I first connected with Lisa to help me plan my transition into a new and demanding role. She is both challenging and fun to work with and brings a freshness and enthusiasm to our meetings that I find energizing.”