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We all wear different hats…

  • Parent, spouse, significant other
  • Employee, Entrepreneur, Manager
  • Football Coach, Unpaid Taxi Driver, Carer

… and often I find ourselves wearing more than one hat at once!

That’s 21st century life and in the age of information 24/7 I can either feel that other people are managing it all better than us or wondering how on earth they do it.

With all that I have going on in our busy lives these days I sometimes need a guiding hand to help us take a step back and make sense of it all.

Maybe you’d like a new hat, a bigger hat or maybe you’re not quite sure the ones you’ve got really suit you after all?

At lifecareercoaching.co.uk I am an expert at wearing different hats (usually at least 2 at the same time!) and I have a whole range of tried and tested tools and techniques that I tailor to the unique needs of all our hat-wearing clients.

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