Lisa is one of those people who you immediately warm to

I meet HR professionals on a regular basis in my role at Penna. Lisa is one of those people who you immediately warm to and is a pleasure to work with, Lisa cares deeply about helping people and well structured in her planning and attention to detail. I highly recommend her.

Client Partner, Penna plc

A true partner in supporting our strategy

“Lisa has functioned as my UK-based Human Relations business partner and has provided excellent strategic and tactical support during extremely challenging times. Her commitment to understanding our business priorities as well as our employee needs have been invaluable and she has been a true partner in supporting our strategy.

Peter Honig, VP and Head, Global Regulatory Affairs, AstraZeneca

Challenging and fun to work with

I first connected with Lisa to help me plan my transition into a new and demanding role. She is both challenging and fun to work with and brings a freshness and enthusiasm to our meetings that I find energizing.

Global Head of Research Outsourcing, AstraZeneca

Work life has been so much more enjoyable since my coaching sessions

”Continue to deliver honest feedback as it really helped me!  Sometimes it’s hard to take onboard feedback, but if you listen to the feedback you are given it helps you evaluate different situations that you are faced with. I felt that I was able to be open and honest with you about how I was feeling. You helped me to start to believe in myself again, which has helped build my confidence.

Work life has been so much more enjoyable since my coaching sessions; you made evaluate what is important and what I could take control of.  My working relationship with my manager has also improved and I believe this is down to our discussion about [Transactional Analysis]!  I really valued you guidance and support over your last few months at  AstraZeneca.

A big thank you for your support and advice”.


Lisa has altered my frame of mind towards being much more resilient in the corporate workplace

Lisa has utilized a range of techniques including examining thinking & communication styles and NLP. Lisa has helped me understand my motivations and values, which has then been applied to working out my goals, facilitating the development of plans to achieve these longer team objectives. Lisa is very adept at asking probing questions and shows great insight. Lisa is caring and supportive whilst being fun and warm to interact with. She actively listens and encourages, however, can also challenge, allowing a deeper level of self examination. Lisa approached the discussions in a holistic manner, so that all aspects of one’s situation are factored into the analysis.

The result of this coaching has been to improve my present day professional circumstances in many respects. Examples of this are approaching issues more constructively, understanding others’ perspective aiding improved team working as well as other individual working relationships. The latter has allowed me to have greater influence in my work place and consequently to contribute at a higher level, which has been beneficial to my department. In addition, I have been able to form a meaningful and achievable longer term plan, phasing activities towards these goals from now onwards. Lisa has also altered my frame of mind towards being much more resilient in the corporate workplace; which has a direct, positive ‘knock-on’ effect to other aspects of my life.

In summary, I have found this relatively small investment in time very powerful in adjusting behaviours in a positive manner, driving the formation of strong working relationships which has had an almost immediate impact in effectiveness.”

Chief of Staff, New Opportunities iMed, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals plc