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Positive feedback always gives you a boost!

Tonight I received some unsolicited feedback from the parent of a child I have been working with!  I have seen this little boy just twice and I was delighted by the progress I could see in our second session.  After 6 weeks of practise at home he came back to me excited by his developing skills and I could see this had given him a new confidence and sparkle.  For a 9-year old boy to be enjoying literacy so much that he has asked to come back for a third session was good enough feedback for me, or so I thought.  Tonight his lovely mum told me “you have worked wonders with my J”.  That, for me, is exactly why I do what I do, and a big part of the reason I am able to cope with being in a hotel 200 miles away from my own amazing family on a Sunday evening.  (I’m topping up my skills to work with the parents and teachers of the wonderful children I work with)!

Here’s to a great June week of sunshine, learning and the joy of self-belief!

Lisa B

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