“I’ve worked with Lisa for over 5 years now, intensively when I needed it, and more occasionally during settled, steady work periods.”

She’s been a huge help to my career development, but much more than that – helping me work towards better work-life balance and mental well-being.”

“Lisa has helped me build confidence, develop personal skills and tools to build resilience in the workplace, improve my decision-making and navigate a competitive, fast-paced and sometimes bruising media work environment.”

Whilst getting married and having a baby! I’ve taken on roles, and had successes that I wouldn’t have thought possible when we first met.”

I’m still ambitious but I’m more comfortable with my decisions which don’t always prioritise that over my overall happiness.”

Lisa is passionate about wanting others to succeed and to improve the way we work. And she has built up an impressive arsenal of tools and techniques to help the people/ businesses she works with to do that.”

Lisa is very empathetic, a great listener and communicator. Vital for working closely with people and helping them achieve their goals!”

Lisa also shows great resilience and adaptability in her work and career – it’s inspiring to see her own professional growth, success and development. She’s also hungry to keep developing which I greatly admire.”